Thursday, January 22, 2009

March For Life

Today I gathered with thousands of my fellow Americans to stand up against the murder of millions of innocent lives.  Our cause is to fight for those who cannot speak.  The unborn, who live in thousands of mother's wombs and who are killed by the thousands daily.  

This was my first March and though I might have only been a small voice sanding up for what I feel is wrong, but I hope that Congress, President Obama, and the Supreme Court heard our voices today at the Mall.  I hope they realize that we will not be silenced.  

The Freedom of Choice Act is nothing but a radical atrocity saying they stand for Woman's rights, but what about the thousands of women who live inside their mother's womb where are their rights?  We say that abortion is a choice in this country, but we don't allow murderer's the choice to kill their victims, and frankly that is a double standard.  Abortion is MURDER no matter which way you dice it.  It kills a life before it gets a chance to fully live.  

God tells us that he knew us in the womb, he knitted us in the womb.  Why mess with God?  He will prevail in the end.  

My favorite poster stated "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama

So we have a new president and it is exciting time in American history.  However, I don't think we needed all the hype for it. Yes, Obama is black, but does that really matter.  NO.  He is an American first and foremost.

Though I didn't vote for Obama I am willing to give him a chance.  I did enjoy his speech today, the history nerd it me liked all the allusions to past conflicts, presidents, and struggles in our history.  

PS i think $150 million might be a tad pricy for an inauguration during these "tough economic times" but hey that is just me.

Will write more later