Monday, September 21, 2009


So these two weeks are killer. I have four exams and four papers due within them. Again why am I taking 18 credits? I don't even have a good answer to that.

Creative Nonfiction is enjoyable albeit strenuous to my mind. I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy having a life. I have written one essay so far and have started a second one. My first was on Colonial Williamsburg vs. the real Williamsburg and I'm glad we get to rewrite and revise because I know I did not explain my thoughts very well. This next essay I'm writing about the Battle of the Wilderness and my freshman seminar where we dissected the battle day by day. I'm hoping it turns out better the first time around than my first essay

American History
I'm enjoying Emmons as a teacher, but not the fact that she is explaining basic ideas, i.e. thesis, primary vs. secondary documents, to us. I realize we have freshman in our class, but seriously if you don't know what these are than go back to your high school. It seems like we are going over information drilled into me since elementary school so I'm thinking I should have taken Colonial American history instead of a survey.

Hola. That is about all I know. But seriously I'm better at writing and reading the language from six years of Latin than actually speaking Espanol.

Latin America
I'm really enjoying learning about Indians before Columbus. We got it so damn wrong it is not even funny. They were just as civilized as the western empires in their day but by the time of the Spanish, they were backwoods again.

The Coming of the Civil War
My second Pilkington class and I have to say way better than the first. I'm actually taking notes and paying attention. And he is actually teaching. He still wears goofy ass ties and makes werid ass jokes, but overall way better the second time around. Maybe because I actually like this time period over the Western Culture bs HSC makes us take.

Museum Practices
This is my independent study, but it is more like job. We are catalouging a ton of pictures and trying to id all the men we can in order to put them on exhibit one day in the musuem.